Conferment of Autonomous status to Mar Ivanios College

May God be glorified and may peace, prosperity and harmony prevail among humankind.

First of all I send warmest greetings to all our well wishers and alumni across the world on behalf of the Management, the Staff, and Students of Mar Ivanios College. Mar Ivanios needs no introduction to anyone who is aware of the higher education scenario in the state of Kerala. A college blossomed in the mind of a saintly and scholarly Archbishop as early as the days he spent in Shantiniketan, and founded in 1949 on a serene hill specially located and earmarked by him, Mar Ivanios has successfully crossed 6 decades to reach the present pinnacle. Tens of thousands of young men and women of our country have imbibed truth and charity through the moulding hands of hundreds of enlightened men and women who served on the faculty, and have cherished the sweet legacy of Ivanios in their life and career. A galaxy of luminaries, in all walks of life, adorns the picture of Ivanian alumni.

The milestones in the growth of Mar Ivanios have been enviously numerous. Situated in the capital city of Kerala, keeping close proximity to the top Government offices, institutions and University and living in intimate relation to the general public, irrespective of caste or creed, Mar Ivanios was adjudged the best Arts and Science College in Kerala once and at the highest grades by UGC-NAAC on three accreditations. A college which has been consistently showing Potential for Excellence, Mar Ivanios was one among the first colleges in the state of Kerala to be shortlisted for autonomy status by Government of Kerala in 2013. Recommended by Malcolm S. Adisheshiah commission for the University of Kerala as early as in 1985 to be conferred autonomy, Mar Ivanios achieved this milestone on 13th June 2014 when UGC made the recommendation for the conferment of autonomy. This was indeed a dream come true for Mar Ivanios College. In his letter to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of erstwhile Travancore University in 1945, Archbishop Mar Ivanios had expressed his desire to establish a college which would offer “courses different from the conventional ones which our present-day colleges usually offer” and thus “open up new paths in offering such courses”. It was also envisaged that the college will provide “all the avenues for co-curricular activities”. The conferment of autonomous status fulfills the far sighted vision of the venerable founder.

Mar Ivanios as everyone knows, lays a lot of emphasis on the curricular and co-curricular development and value based enhancement of potential of its students. Having 12 UG and 8 PG programmes, 6 Research Departments, enrolling about 2400 UG and PG students, and about 100 fulltime and part-time research scholars, home to about 170 teaching and non-teaching staff, Mar Ivanios has grown to the third year of its autonomy and is learning gradually but firmly to stand on its own feet. This year is extremely important for the college as we are getting ready for the NAAC team visit for the 4th cycle of accreditation. The college has submitted the SSR and is geared up to welcome the NAAC Peer-team.

I take this opportunity to express our gratitude and indebtedness to each and everyone who has in one way or other contributed to making Mar Ivanios College what it is today.

His Beatitude Baselios Cardinal Cleemis Catholicos, the Head and Father of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church, offers immense strength and support to the college. As a person with far-sighted vision about the college, Cardinal Cleemis will definitely lead the college to greater heights. I also thank Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Mar Irenios, our Auxiliary Bishop and former Principal, for his intensive and perennial support and guidance at all times of need. All our former Principals, our staff, both former and present, our alumni, who consist of eminent personalities from myriad fields, and all our well-wishers and our students deserve our gratitude. Mar Ivanios has always been proud of her students and staff. May God bless each and everyone for the never-ending love and care for the College. As we all know, freedom brings with it responsibility. George Bernard Shaw said “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most people dread it”. Being autonomous makes us more accountable to the society. In 1999, the NAAC Peer team who visited the college wrote in its report: “Mar Ivanios is eminently suited to being conferred “Autonomous Institution‟ status. One day we hope it can become a Deemed to be University”. Let us all work together to achieve further levels of autonomy for the benefit of the nation and the society. I specially entrust the college to the maternal care and protection of Blessed Mother Mary. May she mediate the growth of our students in stature and wisdom, just as she was in the life of her beloved Son.




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