Mar Ivanios College was granted autonomous status by the University Grants Commission on June 13th, 2014, and the same was conferred by University of Kerala. Based on the National Policy on Education (1986-92), UGC formulates that an autonomous college will have the freedom to:

1. Determine and prescribe its own courses of study and syllabi, and restructure and redesign the courses to suit local needs.

2. Prescribe rules for admission in consonance with the reservation policy of the state government.

3. Evolve methods of assessment of student's performance, the conduct of examinations and notification of results.

4. Use modern tools of educational technology to achieve higher standards and greater creativity; and

5. Promote healthy practices such as community service, extension activities, projects for the benefit of the society at large, neighborhood programmes, etc.

Kerala University Act 1974, amended by the University Laws (Third Amendment) Bill 2014 defines academic autonomy as the privilege of a college or University to conduct academic programmes, develop syllabus for the respective subjects, devise teaching, learning and evaluation methods, conduct examinations leading to the award of a degree, diploma, certificate and such other titles and distinctions by the University and publication of results in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations, bye-laws and the rules made there under. All students of the college from 2014 admissions are in the autonomous scheme. Examinations will be conducted by the college and marklists forwarded to the University. Degrees will be awarded by the University of Kerala.