Research Departments - Chemistry


The Research Department is engaged in active research and conducts various research activities in the fields of solid-state kinetics, biomaterials, electrochemistry, phytochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry and materials chemistry.  The Department has several major and minor research projects from various government agencies like the UGC, DST and CSIR.

1. Dr. Suju C. Joseph  (Synthetic organic Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

2. Dr. Suja Mathai (Electrochemistry, Biomaterials & Nanomaterials)

3. Dr. R. Selwin Joseyphus (Materials Chemistry & Bioinorganic Chemistry)

4. Dr. Sonia Mol Joseph (Natural products Chemistry, Organic Spectroscopy & Plant Chemosystematics)

5. Dr. Sajith Kurian (Nanomaterials, Renewable energy conversion and storage & Photocatalysis)

6. Dr. Rabin Rajan J. Methikkalam (Astrochemistry, Surface Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Ultra-High Vacuum Instrumentation)