Mar Ivanios College Co-operative Society

Mar Ivanios Co-operative Society is full-fledged facility Centre, which has won its reputation as a trusted banking-cum-servic provider, caters to the various needs of the college community at large ncluding the adjoining institutions at Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar. Tex books, records, note books as well as other stationery items are availabl aspecially discounted rates at the co-operative store. The Bank, attache to the store, provides SB, FD, RD and Chitty facilities to its members Loan facilities are also provided to the staff and other members in th campus. In addition to the Photostat services, an added attraction is th 'mini snack counter' which provides coffee, tea, soft drinks, ice cream and homely snacks.

Committee Members (2022-2027)

1. Dr. Suju C. Joseph (President)

2. Dr. Tom Thomas (Vice-President)

3. Smt. Shamin Thompson T. (Secretary)

4. Dr. Joju John (Member)

5. Dr. Leenaraj D. R (Member)

6. Dr. Suju Skaia C. (Member)

7. Dr. Deepthi Elizabeth Mathew (Member)

8. Sri. Renjith R. S (Member)

9. Sri. Benson V. Vincent (Member)

10. Sri. Ratheesh B. (Member)

11. Sri. Jojimon K. Thomas (Member)

Mar Ivanios College Co-operative Society Ltd.

1. Sri. Joseph George  (Manager), Mobile : +91 9447334682

2. Sri. Joy Jacob  (Accountant), Mobile : +91 9447103778

3. Sri. C. P. Thomasktty (Clerk), Mobile : +91 9447791863

4. Sri. Shaji Zachariah (Clerk), Mobile : +91 9447713831