Gender Sensityvity

The great visionary Mar Ivanios in whose namesake the college is built was very well aware that if a society has to prosper its women folk should be educated. He wanted education to address the imbalances in society due to gender and give women a say in the decision making process. Today that dream is a reality with more than sixty percent of the students and teachers in Mar Ivanios College being women. The Regulation and Policy guidelines for admission, recruitment, operational procedures and all academic and administrative activities protect the interests of the students, faculty and staff members without any gender wise distinction. The Mission and Vision statement of the institution clearly shows that quality education is provided to all students without any discrimination against caste, creed, religion and gender. The College has a full-fledged Women Cell which as an integral part of the Ivanios Commune takes proactive steps to promote education place culture. The basic needs of the girl students are taken care of in order to nurture them to be healthy, hygienic and responsible citizens. It is designed to facilitate equal opportunities and fairness of treatment in the campus. The other facilities provided exclusively for women on campus include: Women Grievance and Redressal Cell, Internal Complaints Committee chaired by a senior woman faculty, Sewing and other such classes conducted for lady staff and students, Self-defence /Martial arts classes for female students to enhance their confidence and social security awareness, Representation of women in all statutory bodies and committees, (Governing Council, Academic Council, Board of Studies, College Council etc), Value added course on Sex education, psycho-social counselling by professional counsellors and lady teachers which is a source of great support and help to the girls, support for women’s academic environment, frequent special medical check-up arranged exclusively for lady staff and lady students, adequate representation of girl students in College Union with Vice-Chairperson reserved for them and one representative each from all classes and a common lady representative, etc. A lady security is appointed in the campus for the special care and protection of women. On study tours, girls are always accompanied by at least 2 lady teaches. The college always targets to redress gender stereotypes, and encourage women to reach their full potential of academic excellence and makes sure that tasks and responsibilities are shared.