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Established in 1959, the Department of Botany offers an undergraduate programme in Botany with Zoology and Chemistry as complementary papers. In 2001, the Department of Biotechnology was clubbed with Botany and later in 2011, it was established as a separate department . The Department of Botany has four Assistant Professors all of whom are PhD holders. The Department is also supported by a lab assistant and a herbarium keeper.

A plant conservatory with a wide variety of plant collections and a medicinal garden with medicinal plants is an asset to the Department. The Department has a rich herbarium collection from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Department has an ICT - enabled laboratory ,a multimedia room and a seminar hall.

The Department strives to accomplish excellence in basic and applied aspects of plant sciences.

Ms C Suju Skaria is the current head of the Department.

Ms. C. Suju Skaria MSc, MPhil, BEd

Assistant Professor

Phone:2543414, 9446101978


Dr. Victoria P.K. MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor

Phone:2114588, 9446849234


Dr. Bindu Alex MSc, BEd, PhD

Assistant Professor



Dr. Rejitha L.R.

Assistant Professor




Ms. Elizabeth Abraham MSc, MPhil, BEd

Ms. Thressiamma Mathew M. Sc, M.Phil

Prof. P. K. Geoffrey Das

Prof. V. V. Joseph

Rev. Fr. Jose Mathew

Prof. J. Sreenivas

Prof. A. C. Mathai

Prof. C. Antony

Prof. I. M. Scaria

Prof. K. P. Raveendran

Prof. V.V. Joseph

Prof. Chacko Mathew

Prof. Joseph Mathew

Prof. K. J. Thomas

Prof. Mrs. Mercy John

Prof. Mathew Koshy

Prof. K. C. Babu

Prof. Mrs. Remani Abraham

Prof. T.Jose

Mrs.Mary Remani Babu

Dr. K.T. Cherian Panicker, M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D

The Department has 1 UGC Minor Research Project. The Department has received grants of Rs 33 Lakhs for DBT Star College Scheme along with the departments of Biotechnology and Zoology.

Students of the Department accompanied by the Faculty regularly go for plant collection visits to Wayanad, Ooty and Munnar. Study tours are organised to TBGRI, Palode.

Students of the Botany interdisciplinary Open Course-Horticulture are taken to visit Athmalayam, Parasala.





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